Flatfoot Trybe presents

Dance of the

Stickfighting Warriors

Flatfoot Trybe is a collaboration between me (words) & Mikey Price (music) Dance of the Stickfighting Warriors: Persecution, terror, slaughter and slavery are melded together in a set of stories that chart the journey from forced exile to resolute return, and that ultimately celebrate the triumph of the human spirit over tyranny. Strange then, that the key to it all should be a name – and that the name should be found in a Cumbrian police station in the late 1930’s…


Flatfoot Trybe is a collaboration between me (words) & Mikey Price (music)


Mikey Price is a song maker, composer, instrumentalist. Member of Pwngk with fiddler Bob Evans, and Domestic Violins with Trinidadian Calypso artiste Mary-Anne Roberts. He has also toured, as accompanist, with Frankie Armstrong and The Chalk Circle Collective, in a programme of Bertolt Brecht. He is a founder-member of Acoustic Tuesday club in Cardiff.

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Photographs: David Kyle

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