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Before film, books, newspapers, or even writing itself, there was oral story. Phil Okwedy is a storyteller who stands in that ancient tradition. He has been telling stories in schools and libraries, pubs and clubs, theatres and festivals for 10 years. Phil tells tales that are deep and direct, playful and poignant, gleeful and grave. He tells them to entertain. He tells them to stir and awaken feelings of mutual understanding. He tells them because story is how we connect.

Below are some of the organisations Phil has  collaborated with, some of the projects he has facilitated,  as well as workshops and performances he can provide...


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West Wales Action for Mental Health works closely with Phil. All the workshops we have had have been fantastic and everyone really enjoyed them. We have had excellent feedback from all attending. Phil is such an amazing storyteller and trainer.  He is an inspiration and a very knowledgeable and experienced storyteller and teacher, and he ensures everyone is included and valued in the sessions, and encourages people in a caring and compassionate way.

Angie Darlington, Director West Wales Action for Mental Health

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A collaboration between Phil and storyteller and clinical pyschologist, Dr Steve Killick,'Feelings are Funny Things’  is a teaching and learning programme to help develop emotional learning and wellbeing through stories and storytelling.


Phil explores the power of storytelling, the role it can play within the classroom and within the lives of learners as a tool for well-being.

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“It is true that storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it." Hannah Arendt

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